Your STARWATCH is warranted for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty. The STARWATCH International Warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of purchase of the watch (“defects”). The Warranty is valid only if the Warranty Certificate is dated, fully and correctly completed, and bears the stamp of the official STARWATCH dealer (“valid Warranty Certificate”).

During the warranty period and upon presentation of the valid warranty certificate, you will be entitled to have any defects repaired free of charge. In the event that the repairs prove to be ineffective in restoring your watch to normal conditions of use, STARWATCH guarantees its replacement with a watch of a similar model. The warranty of the replacement watch will expire twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover :

  • Battery life.
  • Normal wear and tear and aging (e.g., scratches on ice; discoloration and/or alteration of the color and/or material of non-metallic straps and chains, such as rubber).
  • Any damage to any part of the watch resulting from improper or abusive use, carelessness, negligence, accidents (blows, dents, crushing, glass breakage, etc.), improper use of the watch and failure to follow the operating instructions provided by STARWATCH.
  • Indirect or substantial damages of any kind resulting from, for example, the use, non-functioning, defects or inaccuracy of the STARWATCH watch.
  • The STARWATCH watch handled by an unauthorized person (e.g. for battery replacement, service or repair).
  • Any tampering with the STARWATCH watch by unauthorized persons (e.g. battery replacement, maintenance or repair) or if the watch is tampered with in its original condition beyond the control of the watch.

All other claims against STARWATCH, for example in the event of additional damages not covered by the above-mentioned warranty, are expressly excluded, except in respect of any mandatory legal rights that Buyer may have against the manufacturer.

The manufacturer’s warranty above :

  • is independent of any warranty that may be provided by the seller and for which he is solely responsible.
  • does not affect in any way Buyer’s rights against Seller or any other mandatory legal rights Buyer may have.

STARWATCH’s customer service department ensures the perfect maintenance of your watch. If your watch requires special attention, trust an official STARWATCH distributor or an authorized STARWATCH service center, listed on this site in our Customer Service section: they can guarantee a service that meets STARWATCH’s standards.